Lightning talks
  • The lightning talks will proceed in the order listed on the program.The order within a single session may change slightly before the conference, but who's in which session will not (barring any emergencies).
  • You will have three minutes, and this time limit will be strictly enforced. This is not very long, but keep in mind that the goal is just to give an overview of your poster and facilitate longer discussions during the poster session hour.
  • Optionally, if you want to run through a few slides during your lightning talk (or just project your poster, verbatim) we will have a presentation device set up, and will combine all slides for each lightning talk session into a single presentation, prior to the conference. Any slides you want to show must be submitted:
    • before May 12, 2016
    • to salt26conf@gmail.com
    • using the subject line "SALT lightning talk slides"
    • as a PDF attachment
    • with the filename{
      }-{first author's last name(s)}.pdf
      (without the curly braces!) e.g., saturday-morning-brown.pdf
      N.b., if you don't follow these instructions, your slides may end up in the wrong session!
    Unless you specify otherwise in your email, these slides will (eventually) be made available on the website alongside your updated abstract PDF.
  • We recommend that only one author gives the lightning talk, even if all authors are present.
  • The moderator will indicate when your time is up, at which point you must stop and yield the stage to the next presenter.
Poster layout
  • Recommended size: 48 in. wide, 36 in. tall
  • Posters will be affixed to stands via binder clips (which we will provide). The vertical uprights are 72 in. apart, the top crossbar is around 80 in. off the ground, and the middle crossbar can be set to either 36 in. or 42 in. below the top crossbar. So technically your poster could be taller than 42 in., and just hang past the crossbar, but definitely no taller than 80 in. There's a example of the stand (in a different place / configuration) at the bottom of this page.
  • The stands will all be in place, but you are responsible for attaching your poster. A map on the SALT website will indicate where your poster should go (check back by May 12). Please attach your poster in its designated place during lunchtime on the day of your lightning talk, whether your lightning talk is in the morning or the afternoon.
  • Please remove your poster before you leave the building at the end of the day. We expect to have some storage space in the Edgar A. Smith building if you want to bring your poster early or stash it for removal the following day.

Local poster printing options

If you want to print your poster here in Austin, here are some options, with current (as of April 2016) price quotes:

  • UT Copy Services quoted me ~$72 for a 48"x36" color (b&w is the same price) poster (alternatively, ~$6 / ft²), with 24-48 hour turn-around. They're only open Monday-Friday 8a-5p, so you would need to place your order before you arrive and pick it up Thursday or Friday. You can get in contact with them via phone: 512-471-1615, or email: utcopy@austin.utexas.edu.
  • Jenn's Copy & Binding, quoted me $60 ($5 / ft²), with at most a 24-hour turn-around (same price for b&w). Paper weight: 28 lb. Phone: 512-473-8669. Address: 2200 Guadalupe St (so, super close).
  • Dynamic Reprographics: 4x3 ft² in full color: $50, 24 hour turn-around, 28 lb. paper. For the same size and paper, in black & white: $9, with a turn-around of 10 minutes, as long as they're not too busy. Very nice customer rep. said they could likely do full color even quicker if you're in a rush. Phone: 512-474-8842. Address: 817 W 12th St (not quite as close as Jenn's or UT Copy, but walkable).
  • Copy Sense: $66 in full color / $12 in B&W, around an hour turn-around. Our phone connection was flaky, so call to double check I got those figures right: 512-481-9090. Address: 121 E 8th St, #100B (walkable).
  • Quik Print: $96, as they don't have standard sheets at 48", and would have to use photo paper (matte or glossy), or $120 for printing on foam core (which wouldn't really work with our stands). Address: 410 Congress Ave, Phone: 512-477-2014.
  • Minuteman Press Printing: 48 hours turn around time, they won't give me a price (rude!).


Each oral presentation is allotted 40 minutes. Your talk should be 30 minutes long, allowing for 10 minutes of discussion.


If you are planning to show slides during your talk, you have two options:

  1. (Recommended) Use the built-in A/V console's Mac to display your slides. This is the easier option, and will hopefully avoid the usual A/V issues.
    • Please email your slides, as an attachment, to our Box folder, (the salt26/slides Box email), by midnight on the day before your talk.
    • Box should send you a confirmation email for each file; email us at salt26conf@gmail.com if you have any trouble.
    • Files emailed to that address will be synced to the A/V console's desktop, and you will be able to open your files from there.
    • Please name your attachment(s) with the following prefix:
      }-{presenter's last name(s)}
      (but without the curly braces!) e.g., sunday-session1-brown.ppt, sunday-session1-brown-demo.mp4
    • You can supply PDF, Keynote, PowerPoint, and generally any other format that a basic Mac OS X setup can display.
    • If you want to share your slides / files with the SALT 26 participants, see sharing, below.
  2. Bring your own laptop, and connect it directly to the A/V system via the VGA (and optionally 3.5mm audio) connectors.
    • You will be responsible for supplying whatever adapters / power sources your machine might need.
    • This option will give you more flexibility, e.g., if you need to use specific software, but setup delays may encroach into your talk's allotted time if your laptop has trouble connecting to the projector or adapting resolution properly, etc.
    • If you decide you absolutely must use your own laptop, please arrive early on the day of your talk, whenever registration / breakfast is scheduled to begin. Find one of the organizers or ask whoever is manning the registration desk to help you test out your configuration, to clear up any issues before the day's events get started.


If you are planning to distribute handouts, you are responsible for printing them.

  • We are expecting somewhere between 100 and 150 participants at each session.
  • We recommend printing your handouts beforehand and bringing them with you, but there are a few local print shops; see the poster printing section above for a non-exhaustive list.
  • If you want to distribute handouts digitally, see sharing, below.

Sharing files

  • To make slides, handouts, or other materials available to all SALT participants, email them to (the salt26share Box email).
  • These can be accessed at (the salt26share public URL); all SALT 26 participants will receive a link to this shared folder shortly before the conference begins.
  • Please use the same naming convention as for slides, described above.
  • You can overwrite existing files by emailing a file with exactly the same filename.
  • These files will be made available on the SALT 26 website shortly after the conference ends. If you don't want your files published on the website, use that overwrite trick to replace your original file with a blank document before May 16, 2016.


  • CLA (Thursday):
    • Capacity: 110
    • Wireless (lapel) mic
    • The room will be configured without the desks depicted in the photos below
    The center's custom-built audio/visual presentation systems give easy touch-screen control of LAITS's newest generation of instructional technology.
  • EAS (Friday-Sunday):
    • Capacity: 299
    • There will be a wired microphone, and we are currently trying to procure a wireless mic that will work in that room
    • There is a clicker / laser pointer, but the laser pointer doesn't show up great on white backgrounds
    The Blanton Auditorium in the Smith Building may be privately rented for special speaker engagements, panel presentations, and film screenings. No food or beverage permitted inside auditorium. The auditorium comes equipped with A/V capabilities with rear digital projection, film screen, and built in seats with tablet arms.