Local organizing committee

  • David Beaver (Committee Chair)
  • John Beavers
  • Christopher Brown
  • Josh Dever
  • Hans Kamp
  • Tammi Stout
  • Stephen Wechsler

Special session committee

  • Cleo Condoravdi
  • Stefan Kaufmann

Selection committee

  • David Beaver
  • Luke Pinette
  • Joshua Dever
  • Tammi Stout
  • Zach Childers
  • Stephen Wechsler
  • Christopher Brown
  • John Beavers
  • Megan Hyska
  • Hans Kamp
  • Alexandra Teodorescu
  • Katya Levina

SALT 26 is sponsored by:

Special thanks to:

Our local organizing committee's fearless leader, for conceiving of, among other things, the salt shaker stress-toy memorabilia:

  • David Beaver

Our (UT Austin Linguistics') administrative manager, for comprehensively handling logistics: scheduling, reservations, budgeting, payments, and so much more.

  • Liz Myrick

Our local graduate student volunteers, for making sure (mostly) everything ran smoothly:

  • Christopher Brown
  • Tammi Stout
Sorry about the rain on Saturday.

Other linguistics graduate students (from UT and elsewhere) who volunteered¤ their time:

  • Joseph Deveaugh-Geiss
  • Katya Levina
  • Conni Loos
¤ Literally.

For the content, by the numbers,

  • the 248 authors who submitted 182 abstracts,
  • the 277 reviewers who facilitated SALT's continued dedication to high quality research,
  • and the 123 authors who contributed to 40 posters and 19 oral presentations.

Our invited speakers:

  • Lauri Karttunen
  • Judith Tonhauser
  • Stanley Peters
  • Sigrid Beck
  • Kristen Syrett
  • Rick Nouwen

The SALT 25 organizers, for good advice, fast responses, and keeping detailed records that were extremely useful to reference when making our own preparations:

  • Christopher Potts
  • Beth Levin

The University of Maryland organizing committee (in advance), for hosting SALT 27:

  • Alexander Williams
  • Valentine Hacquard

University of Texas at Austin delegates, for their support and warm introductions:

  • Randy Diehl, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
  • Richard Meier, Chair of the Linguistics Department

Blanton museum staff, for accommodating us in their beautiful space:

  • Stacey Hoyt
  • Lily Alpern

University of Texas at Austin linguistics undergraduates who helped out:

  • Lydia White
  • Karina Zemel